Alicia Escamilla Cerón

Educational Qualifications

  • Medical School: Yucatán Autónoma University, México.
  • Aesthetic Medicine Master: Balearic Islands University, Spain.
  • Registered Member of the Balearic Islands Medical Council.
  • Registered Member of the Balearic Islands Aesthetic Doctors Association (AMEIB).

Expert injector of Botulin Toxin and non surgical facial rejuvenation techniques.

She worked in both public and private health sectors, she now has more tan 10 years in the field of Aesthetic Medicine offering a broad range of non invasive medical treatments.

With Dr Romeo they perfectly match and complete each other offering surgical and non-invasive procedures.

She is the Coordinator of the Aesthetic Medical and Surgical Unit at Juaneda Clinic Menorca.

When beauty means health and wellness

WEB: www.aliciaescamilla.clinic