Insurance & Financing

Insurante and Financing with Dr Marco Romeo

To help patients with their cosmetic surgery financing, Dr. Marco Romeo proudly offers financing and insurance plans. Through financing plan, you are able to finance plastic surgery fees, schedule your surgery today and pay with low monthly payments. Cosmetic surgery insurance offers you a safety net during one year in case of unexpected costs after your surgery or in case you need to go back for a revision.

Financing with Dr Marco Romeo


Online financing application up to 10.000€.

It can be requested under another person’s name.

Online application. Documents needed: proof of income, identification, and bank account number.

24-48 hours for loan approval.


Insurance covers any reintervention costs (if necessary) during a year.

It covers complications and reintervention (if necessary).

UVI, medical fees and accommodation.

Costs included: between 1.000€ and 2.000€.

Offers a safety net to cover unexpected costs.

Insurance with Dr Marco Romeo
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